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May 18th, 2015

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After 8 years in the making, I found Bally made it to Austin Psych Fest also known as Levitation. I didn't arrive in Austin until early Friday morning so I missed all the Thursday pre parties. Since I was camping I had to check in at the. Camping area and set up my tent. That went smoothly but just as I was about to enter the main fest area it started pouring. Everyone who didn't have anumbrella got very wet. The rain didn't last long but it left a trail of mud in its wake which made for a messy festival. Bands started probably a little after schedule because of the rain. I had to get acclimated to the fest by knowing where each stage was and which stage was which. I was also looking at the vendors that who selling various goods such as clothes, music, jewelry and other artsy stuff. I went back and forth from the three stages initially and caught a few decent songs by White Manna, HOllow Trees and Hundred Visions. I stuck with the garages psych punk of Hundred Visions. I stuck around the Reverberation Stage for Ringo Deathstarr. They were the first band on that I have seen before and I have seen them many times. I didn't recognize about half the songs they played because they were pretty new. With them playing new stuff that probably means that another records from them is on the way. The new songs sounded fine. I think that Daniel had his bass drum to loud because whenever he hit it it sounded like being shot in the chest. A couple girls next to me were covering their ears. Next up I headed to the Elevation Ampetheater for the Holy Couple of Bands. That being the one two punch of grippy goodness from Chile's The Holydrug Couple and Austin's own Holy Wave. I had to leave Holy Wave early to catch Indian Jewelry in the Levitation Tent. I have been a fan of Indian Jewelry for a long time but I had yet to see them live. Indian Jewelry's electro noise fusion kept me and everybody in the tent in a total trance. In the tent there were all these tv' sin the back of the stage showing different weird shit such as crazy static and psychedelic imagery. As I exited the tent I heard DIIV playing on the main 'Reverberation' stage. They were another one of those bands playing mostly new material because they have a new album coming out probably more recently than Ringo Deathstarr do. I left to see White Fence just as they were staring to go to their older hits. When I asked a few of my friends who their favorite performance at Levitation was a number of them said White Fence. They played a similar set or at least what I saw of them as they did when I saw them in New York last year. I liked them but I left to see Lightning Bolt who I had never seen before in the tent. I could hear them well before entering the tent. Them and A Place To Bury Strangers were probably the two loudest bands playing Psych Fest this year.
Spiritualized set list
Here It Comes (The Road, Let's Go)
Lord Let It Rain on Me
Shine a Light
Electric Mainline
She Kissed Me (It Felt Like a Hit)
Soul on Fire
Oh Baby
Rated X
Walkin' with Jesus


May 5th, 2015

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Tonight started off right with some killer noise as well as rawk from Pucker Up. Anything goes now with up and coming mathemagicians LAIR. The duo did their first couple of songs instrumental but the vocals kicked in by song #3. For some songs the drummer had something in his mouth that looked like an electric kazoo. Here's hoping that it was. Okay let's say it was an electric kazoo and he will be soon starting a new one man band where he tootles o that electric kazoo like a mad man and kicks around a crash cymbal. Anyway towards the end of their impressive set said drummer dude (and electric kazoo maven) played so hard that his crash cymbal fell off. How's that for an exit. Next were Hassle luminaries Guerrilla Toss. I had a feeling that they were going to be as skronkish as usual. They played a few new jams which to me gravitated towards early 80's no wave and early 00's dance punk. Don't worry folks, there was still plenty of that trisexual disco that you know and love from them. I was just afraid that the hardwood floor would shatter from all the bouncing up and down everybody was doing as they played. OK the stage was now set for power rock superheroes Pile to make their long awaited homecoming to a sold out crowd. These guys thrive on heavy riffs and a thick rhythm section. Pile are the true All-American Badasses (take that Kid Rock). These guys put out a kickass new record You’re Better Than This just a couple months ago which is just a smörgåsbord of the 3 R's Rock, Roll & Riffs. You can tell these gentlemen work hard to incorporate these 3 R's into their live show. They just put their all into everything (unlike most mainstream bands). I guess Pile could be described as heavy alt rock meets the good aspects of post hardcore (non of that screamo bullshit) . I really like this emergence of bands this decade (Pile, Speedy Ortiz, etc.) who are taking influence from 90's guitar heavy alternative rock. Pile will certainly keep that torch going.

April 27th, 2015

Stands in for the president at a Rainbow Jersey event with a gay NBA star @ 03:25 am

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This was Boston Hassle's monthly shindig of the month. (Yeah I know I used month twice but whatevz) This was as nasty as garage punk can get. Kickin' things off was Cambridge's own hardkore punkers White Pages. They tore through about 10 songs in less than 20 minutes. Heavy Lids were here to bring the synth punk noise. Basically co headlining this gig with The Monsieurs were Gonerific nasty boys Buck Biloxi and the Fucks. As you would have expected it was some dirty ass garage trash. They were or at least their music was pretty much fueled by booze and sniffing glue. Considering that they are also from NOLA, I wonder if they have ever played with Babes who I saw with Wand earlier in the week. As it turns out BB&TF have played with Babes before. The Monsieurs are always a fun adventure to see live. Things got more insane than ever tonight and I LOVED IT. They started with Hilken and Erin at their respective instruments and Andy sprawled out on an orange couch in the middle of the stage. Earlier in the day the Lilypad hosted a spring cleaning yard sale selling records, toys and other shit. Well anyway one of the items that was left over was a toy suitcase full of Monopoly money. Early into their set The Monsieurs "made it rain" and the cash was all over the club. Throughout the set Andy continuously went into the crowd and rolled around on the couch but he never missed a beat with the lyrics. By the end of the set the crowd was lifting up the couch with Andy on it and a few light fixtures had been damaged. I guess it's not a true Monsieurs gig unless something breaks

April 9th, 2015

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It was an Illegally Blind kind of April Fools day with WAND, Babes, Black Beach & Idiot Genes. This was the garage punk event of the spring. Idjut Genes were ready to kick things off bringin' the gunk. They are sloppy sweet. We had more singing of booze, drugs, dix & vajayjays which they are known for. Here is what they played according to their setlist: Doorbell, Mirror, Have It, Grubby Teeth, Junkie, Junkin' No Words, Work, Sick Road. Junkie by the way was a sick cover of a Dead Milkmen tune. Now it was time for Black Beach to go hard. They banged through a bunch of tuneskies from their Play Loud, Die Vol. 1. record. I also heard some newbies that I'm guessing will appear on Play Loud, Die Vol. 2. These guys play a lot around the area so if you have the chance to see them do it! The first non local opener was Babes who are from New Orleans. I wasn't familiar with them at all but I'd heard that they were good. They impressed the hell out of me. They were a trio of three guys that played guitar, synth and drums. The sound reminded me of a dirtier version of The Screamers but the singer's stage presence reminded me of Hunx or Lux Interior. Band members came out with veils over their heads. The singer had his face painted completely white. By the end of the show a lot of glitter was tossed crowdward and his clothes came off except for his skimpy underwear. He did the last song running around in the crowd sharing his sweat with everyone. You may know Wand frontman Cory Hanson from his work with Ty Segall, Pangea & The Meatbodies. I found them to be SUPER LOUD. Nobody from Wand got next to naked on stage. The drummer did remove his shirt but that's about it. Their set consisted of top trax from both their albums. They finised us off with an epic rendition of Generator Larping which is probably my favorite song from Ganglion Reef. If you missed this one you should be regretting it.

April 3rd, 2015

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I can say that I have finally seen the super-duper group known as Diamond Rugs! First of all let me tell you about these Rugs. They consist of John McCauley and Robbie Crowell of Deer Tick, Hardy Morris of Dead Confederate, Ian Saint Pe formerly of the Black Lips, Bryan Dufresne of Six Finger Satellite & Steve Berlin of Los Lobos. I have seen 4 of these guys play with their original bands before. This was probably their first real full US tour. They only played a handful of shows in support of their 2012 debut. The first opener was Justin Collins, a singer songwriter and producer. He has actually produced for Deer Tick and did both Diamond Rugs albums. His backing band was Robbie & Bryan of the Rugs. Their set was some garagey blues-rock goodness. As I was watching Mr. Collins's set I was standing with my main men Hardy and John. I commented to Hardy that his haircut almost made him look like Cole of The Black LipsI have known them for a while because of the many times I have seen Deer Tick and Dead Confed. Both of these fine dudes because fathers within the past year so congrats to them. Next up were Georgia good-ol-boys New Madrid. Actually they looked quite young. They are an ordinary indie rock band with a nice Southern twist. I guess I can liken them to a plain pice of pork slathered in BBQ Sauce. Now it's RUGS TIME! First thing I noticed when they came out was that they were a 5 piece. A Rug was missing. Unfortunately Steve had another commitment and couldn't make the show tonight. To all the fans of Los Lobos, mucho, mucho condolences. John seemed a bit out of it. Supposedly one of the New Madrid guys put some acid in his mussels marinara or something. John McCauley as all of you may know is such an alcohol connoisseur that he equips his mike stand with a cupholder. That brings a whole new meaning to Gimme A Beer. As they were going into Gimme A Beer they tossed a few cans of Coors Light into the crowd. At first I noticed that Ian's mike wasn't getting enough vocal. I was disappointed that I could barely hear him singing Hightail but by the time they played Blue Mountains they fixed the issue and I could hear him just fine. Every song Diamond Rugs played is on one of their two albums. So if you own both Diamond Rugs albums and listen to them nonstop you should know every song by heart. One new song they did Motel Room is about someone who bowdlerized himself with a ragged strident-B twine out of a dozen-hawser musical instrument having a flat-backed rounded body that narrows in the middle, a long fretted neck, and usually six strings, played by strumming or plucking in a Motel Room. The Rugs have great chemistry and seemed to be having a lot of fun on stage. I'm hoping for a third Rugs album at some point if they are not too busy with their other bands

The Rugs setlist: Voodoo Doll, Thunk, Hightail, Gimme A Beer, Clean, Couldn't Help It, Live and Shout It, Motel Room, So What, Blame, Hungover and Horny, Call Girl Blues, Country Mile, 100 Sheets, Blue Mountains, Killin' Time, Christmas In A Chinese Restaurant, Totally Lonely, Big God

January 10th, 2015

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Ok everyone! First show of the year and it was a good one. Tijuana Panthers & The Garden were bringing some west coast love northeastward for a short joint tour. Opening up were local boys The Pits. The Pits consist of a couple of Idiot Genes and a Dirtnap or two. As I would have thought they played loud fast punk rock similar to their other bands. I even saw the other Idiot Genes in the crowd cheering them on. Not it was time for the So Cal boys to provide some heat on a very very cold winter's night. I had seen The Garden a few months earlier supporting The Growlers. The Garden do not play any actual guitars on stage. The guitar they use is a bass for those deep throbbing riffs. You can call it Vada Vada because that's what The Garden wants you to call it. I call it fun music to bounce to. They have this cool androgynous style to them. To be honest the first time I saw them I wasn't sure that they were both male. They started with a block of fast punk thumpers. Then midway into their set I saw Wyatt put down his bass and Fletcher get up from his drum throne. You know what time it is! RAP BREAK! The beats were turned on and the Shears Bros started jumping and flailing around the stage as they delivered their sick rhymes. At one point one of them tried hanging from the pipes. Okay now it was back to rawking which they did with a bunch more loud fast thumpers. Here's their setlist (or at least what it said on their setlist. I don't know for sure if they played all these songs.)
Cells Stay Clean
Crystal Clear
Slice Em'
I'll Stop By Tomorrow Night
*rap break*
Jester's Game
Everything Has A Face
I Want That Nose
*end rap break*
We Don't Need Em'
New Song
I'll Be Right Here
This Can Build Us a Home
What We Are
You're Down
Apple/Vada Vada

It was now the Tijuana Panthers' turn to power up. TP did a great job at power punking. They remind me a lot of fellow cali rockers The Soft Pack. I'd say that they are more garagey than The Garden and more about the straight forward rock. Not rap breaks from them. They played songs from their latest album such as Sooner or Later & Cherry Street. The best part was when they played "Fired" because I requested it before the show. They even thanked me for the request and gave me a shout out. At the end they did a two song encore (their first one on the tour as they said) It included an older track "Crew Cut" from back when they sported crew cuts. Their last song was a cover of The Buzzcocks' Everybody's Happy Nowadays. They covered it well. These guys are just genuine down to earth rock n rollers and that's what I love about them.

January 2nd, 2015

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50 favorite songs of 2014

In no order
Whirr- Heavy
Wand- Screaming Eye
The Vines- Into The Fire
The Vacant Lots- Mad Mary Jones
Ty Segall- The Hand
Thee Oh Sees- Penetrating Eye
Tijuana Panthers- Fired
Sun Kil Moon- Ben's My Friend
Ringo DeathStarr- Flower Power
Priests- And Breeding
Parquet Courts- Ducking & Dodging
Fat White Family- Heaven On Earth
Quilt- Mary Mountain
Protomartyr- Scum Rise
The People's Temple- Lover Boy
Caribou- Our Love
Nothing- Dig
Pangea- Depress
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- Until The Sun Explodes
The Orwells- Southern Comfort
Mr. Twin Sister- In the House of Yes
The Men- Pearly Gates
Meatbodies- The Master
Liars- Mess On A Mission
Le Sera- Losing to the Dark
King Tuff- Demon From Hell
Jack White- Lazaretto
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness- Faust
Iceage- The Lord's Favorite
The Raveonettes- Kill!
Haunted Hearts- Up Is Up (But So Is Down)
Future- In Your Eyes
The Foreign Resort- Dave
White Fence- Like That
Eagulls- Nerve Endings
Diarrhea Planet- Heat Wave
Dead Leaf Echo- so.wrong
Damaged Bug- Metal Hand
Cloud Nothings- I’m Not Part of Me
Bleeding Rainbow- So You Know
The Black Angels- Diamond Eyes
Beverly- Honey Do
Bass Drum of Death- Black Don't Glow
Alvvays- Adult Diversion
Ariel Pink- Black Ballerina
Allah-Las- Had It All
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard- Hot Wax
The Growlers- Big Toe
Cheatahs- Geographic
Hookworms- On Leaving

December 12th, 2014

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I guess you could call this Fuzzmas. Illegally Blind mastermind Jason Trefts did it again. 4 of the best bands who all played Fuzzstival in August come together once more for one magical night. First it was Magic Shoppe's turn to cast their spell on the awaiting audience. This was their first time ever playing with 4 guitarists. So of course they were louder than usual. I could barely hear the vocals with all of the guitar noise. I don't necessarily mind that though because I feel like I'm surrounded by both a wave and a wall of psychedelic fury. They played most of their hits. Sadly they ran out of time before they got to Midnight In The Garden Of Evil.
Magic Shoppe's setlist:
No Place To Go
Dead Poplar
Trip Inside This House
Burn Right Through
Shangri-La In Reverse
All The Way
Haunted Hollywood

Here come 1/2 of the Nice Guys to take the stage with Ryan, Melanie, Peachy & the rest of The Fagettes. I am a big fan of their retro inspired fuzzpop. I love their energy live. I noticed that they added a few newer songs to their mix. The swagger came to a climax with the last not about feelin' good. Ryan and Mel were bouncing around the stage. Throughout the whole show the light shows were going off. Major props to Video Joe and Wax House AV on the amazing visuals. This was one of the best light show performances I have ever seen. I love the combination of the digital projections with the liquid light show.

The Fagettes setlist:
National Geographic
Bad Catholics
Sleep Talk
Street Queens In Heat
On Drugs
I Wanna Feel Good

Black Beach got everyone wild. This was not only Fuzzmas but also Black Beach's record release show for their new ep Play Loud, Die. They did a few stompers from that album. There was a major pit in the middle of the Middle East during their whole set. I think I got punched in the jaw. Even worse though at one point one of the light show projectors got smashed by someone getting powerslammed towards the stage. There was a reason why this was all going down BLACK BEACHED ROCKED MAJOR COCKS! They are just loud dirty rock n roll which there needs to be a lot more of.

Black Beach's setlist:
Ego Death Ritual
In Circles
Born To Lose
You're A Ghost
Untitled new song
Youth Is Out There

Psych rock heavyweights and Boston Music Awards nominees CreaturoS closed the night. (I know all good things must come to an end). They showered everyone with psychedelic bliss sending everyone home happy. They put on a helluva fun show every time and tonight was no exception. I think I had more fun than usual tonight. I'm hoping for more nights filled with this scuzzy goodness.

CreaturoS's setlist:
James Days' Milkshake
Last Summers' #1 Hit Single
Hand In My Pocket
Sunrise Wedding
Weird Queen
Going Out In Style
The Mole
The Master's Dope
Ruff Puff

December 9th, 2014

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Priests, Skimask, Animal Mother, Ursula & Whip Appeal

This was a special show set in a church. Priests in a church I get it. First up were Whip Appeal who said they were playing their first ever live show. They were tight for a brand new band. I could hear more pop influences in them than in the other bands. Their singer was wearing leather pants and removed his shirt like a true rockstar. Ursula really impressed me. They were quite loud for just 2 girls. I guess I would call them noise punk. I can't really find a lot of their stuff online because they are a relatively new band. They combined dark humorous lyrics with heavy jams. I referred to their last song as the "Motherfucker song" because they kept repeating that word in the lyrics. Animal Mother were just straight up hardkore punk. 4 girls playing hardkore punk. It's nice to have more female punk bands around these days. It was now time for Priests to deliver their sermon. The sermon consisted of diy punk energy, anarcho-political lyrics and a fiery frontwoman who can go toe to toe with anyone. Both times I have seen them they have been energetic and in my face. Closing out the show was The Abominable Skimask! I had not yet seen Skimask before but I had heard that they are pretty nuts live. They kind of remind me of what Death Grips would be like if they were a noise rock band rather than noise rap. Skimask use all these weird noise machines and effects to create a sound all their own. They were cool. I was hoping for a few more songs from them but they had to meet the 11pm curfew. I'm hoping to see more shows at that venue.

December 2nd, 2014

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As I arrived I saw the last few trax by local rockers Pile. Their Piledriving riffs made me wish that I had caught their whole set. The Ryan Power band mellowed the crowd out with their soulful pop rock. Their songs were good to vibe along to. Things went from quiet to loud in a hurry once Burnt Skull came on. They came all the way from Austin TX with their heavy, mucky noise. Their frontman is a very good screamer. You have to be if you want the screams to match the noise you're making which they did. Between bands I was checking out the swanky new digs for Boston Hassle Fest 6. The retro loungey atmosphere reminds me of somewhere that my parents could have gone for a night of dinner and dancing before they were married. Next up were Ethopian pop big band The Debo Band. Ethopian pop? Yep, we got it all covered at Hassle Fest. At first, I didn't know what to expect. Some of their faster songs sounded more skaish. I'd call them funky fresh. The crowd kept shouting for more horns. The only thing they were missing was more cowbell. I was so hoping someone in the crowd would have shouted for more cowbell. Due to a scheduling switch Guerilla Toss were pushed up an hour. They dominated the crowd as usual with their skkronky noise punk. I think it would have been better for them to be playing later or even headlining. They are major celebrities in the Hassle circuit and deserve to be saluted. Nautical Almanac have been making their kooky cool noise since the mid 90's. They would be perfect to soundtrack the most fucked up horror (or any genre for that matter) film ever. They are seem quite resourceful on stage. If they were stuck on a deserted island without their equipment I'm sure that they would be able to find something to make a lot of noise with. It was now time to breathe in the EDM of Inhalent. By EDM I don't mean the shitty EDM in which kids od on molly to. I mean actual electronic music that you can shake your booty to or even mosh to if you so desire. These guys are actually inventive on stage. They don't just wave their arms around and don't appear to do anything like the mainstraim pop djs do. The noise and stuff continued with the Lescalleet/Drumm duo. Monseurs Lescalleet & Drumm (he didn't actually play drumms. That was just his last name) made love to their noise machines to create a sound all of its own. Rounding out at least my night at Hassle Fest 6 were Montreal gazers No Joy. They brought to mind the noisy shoegazy styles of Lush & My Bloody Valentine. I loved their performance especially their last song E.

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