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September 17th, 2016

Letters for Pootses @ 11:32 pm

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June 26th, 2016

Yes response to doing Rewind. @ 12:07 am

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It was a homecoming of sorts for everyone tonight. I guess except for Widowspeak who are from Brooklyn. Although the two coheadliners each played Boston Hassle sponsored shows last year. I'm sure Doug has as well, he's too good not to have. This whole lineup is just perfect for the chill vibes of the first Friday of summer. Doug Tuttle's newer stuff mixes 60's feel good hippie dippieness with a more garage rock sound reminding me a lot of White Fence (by the way today is Tim Presley's birthday). It was not the usual Gallagher, Tuttle, & Bond show tonight because Jesse is away on a yoga trip. So the had someone else on bass who filled in fine. The Tuttle trio finished with their chart topping smash from a couple years ago Turn This Love. Next up were dreamgazers Widowspeak. I'm surprised the term dreamgazer is not used more often. Last time they were here they played a church in JP. They have always seemed to fall in the shoegaze category but many of their songs almost have a country/folk feel to them. Lead singer Molly Hamilton coos like an evening dove. I have saved the morning dove comparison for Hope from Mazzy Star so Molly is the evening dove. This was Quilt's first time playing in the Boston area since their record release show back in February. Between a number of songs they talked about how the songs were written about places in the Boston area. For example their song Eliot St. is about the actual Eliot Street in the hear of JP. They also mentioned various studios and spaces around the area where they wrote and recorded their albums. Quilt are not an abrasive band at all. I think the whole family can enjoy them, even your grandma. There were even a few parents of band members in attendance. They perfect the fine line between psych rock and pop without being boring.

Doug Tuttle's setlist
A Place For You
It Calls On Me
Where You Plant Your Love... Is Where It Grows
Leave Your Body
Falling To Believe
Time Will Show
Turn This Love

Widowspeak's setlist
All Yours
Gun Shy
Ballad Of The Golden Hour
Coke Bottle Green
In The Pines
The Swamps
Harsh Realm

Quilt's setlist
Hissing My Plea
Mary Mountain
Eliot St.
Something There
Arctic Shark
Tie Up The Tides
Own Ways
Penobska Oakwalk
Cowboys In The Void

May 19th, 2016

He has burned a lot of bridges in the industry @ 02:16 am

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Tonight Chicago baes Twin Peaks were back in town with their fellow Windy City friends Ne-Hi and Jimmy Whispers. With all the Chicago bands it calls for many Pitciendos and PRH's. Emerson indie Giants WERS I think are one of the sponsors and have set up a merch table along with the bands. I walked into the music hall to the sounds of one of King Gizzard's earlier albums. I am still so bummed that I missed them last week. Jimmy Whispers came out pumped. He even did a few push-ups to get in the mood. He was styled to look like a cross between Eddie Vedder and James Brown. He referred to his songs as sing-a-ling-a-ding-dongs. About his music it was like lo-fi pop rnb. He and Mac Demarco would make a cute couple. Or at least a nice tour. He sang mostly love songs or so he said. He sang a song about strip clubs and they took of his pants. The song after that was about how he'd never kissed a girl before which made me wonder how much he likes women. His last song was about, What else? Drugs! Of course. He was a lot of fun and a good showman. He didn't have a band. He sang to a prerecorded track. Between bands they were still playing King Gizzard which was great because they usually change records between bands but KG&TLW are so freaking awesome. Ne-Hi were more in the similar style of Twin Peaks, guitar driven power rock. They didn't have the showmanism that JW had but when you know how to rock that's not exactly necessary. They did move around very well with their guitars. Jimmy Whispers needs to learn guitar moves if he were to ever play guitar on stage. Every song they played got stuck In my head. At least until they started their next song one song replaced the other in my and probably most of the audience's cranial capacity. Throughout both opening bands sets I could see various members of Twin Peaks watching from backstage. They did a couple more catchy numbers then it was time for the Twin Peaks dudes. Twin Peaks came out saying that they were happy not to be playing at Great Scott. Great Scott was where I saw them the one and only time I saw them supporting The Orwells. These boys know how to rock. They headbang throughout every song. They seem to switch lead singers for each song. I think it's great when a band has multiple members who can sing. Before the show was even half over three different band members have sang lead on a song. I wanna think that the TP on their Tv at the side of the stage actually stands for Teeeeeeeaaaaaam Pitsie. They featured many signs from their new album Down in Heaven. (For those of you who don't understand the Pitsie references that's a nickname I have for a certain Blackhawks player) The crowd was mostly people in their teens and 20's. It was an all ages show by the way. There was many moshing and crowd surfing. The security guy had to chase some fans who stage dove. They were great and I am looking forward to their next Boston Rip.

March 24th, 2016

Desse Vick is a jest @ 07:49 pm

Morrissey worshippers Burglary Years kicked things off. Their heartfelt post punk helped set the tone early. This was my second time seeing them coincidently both times I've seen them have been at day shows. I'd be curious to see how they do playing at night. Everyone's favorite Providence snot punks Gymshorts were next. I'm hoping that they appeal to this younger millennial crowd. This was an all ages show so there are a bunch of little kids here. I was disappointed at how still the crowd was during their performance. The headliners were no stranger to the west coast garage punk scene. Both The Frights and SWMRS have albums produced by Zac Carper of FIDLAR. The Frights played last year's Beach Goth fest. The Frights are much poppies than the band that played before them Gymshorts. They got the young girls moving.

December 11th, 2015

Ask for name and badge number because this guy scared the shit out of me @ 02:38 am

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My top 50 songs of 2015 (in no particular order

Andy California- Church Of The Black Snake
Beach House- Sparks
Belle & Sebastian- The Party Line
Bully- Trash
Courtney Barnett- Pedestrian At Best
Crocodiles- Crybaby Demon
Damaged Bug- The Mirror
Day Wave- We Try But We Don't Fit In
The Dead Weather- I Feel Love (Every Million Miles)
Deerhunter- Snakeskin
Django Django- First Light
Drinks- Laying Down Rock
Ex-Cult- Cigarette Machine
FIDLAR- Overdose
FUZZ- Rat Race
Goat- Words
Heaters- Mean Green
Hinds- Bamboo
JEFF the Brotherhood- Radiating Fiber Plane
JEFF the Brotherhood- What A Creep
The King Khan & BBQ Show- Alone Again
Kurt Vile- Pretty Pimpin
METZ- Spit You Out
Moon Duo- Night Beat
No Joy- Everything New
Palehound- Cushioned Caging
A Place To Bury Strangers- We've Come So Far
Potty Mouth- Cherry Picking
The Prefab Messiahs- Weirdoz Everywhere
Protomartyr- Why Does It Shake?
PWR BTTM- Dairy Queen
Refused- Elektra
Small Black- No One Wants It To Happen To You
Speedy Ortiz- Raising The Skate
Tamaryn- Hands All Over Me
Tame Impala- Let It Happen
Ty Segall- Circles
Viet Cong- Continental Shelf
Wand- Self Hypnosis In 3 Days
Wand- Stolen Footsteps
Wavves x Cloud Nothings- How Its Gonna Go

The last 9 slots go to the songs on the House of the Rising Fuzz compilation
The Barbazons- Jake
Black Beach- Kreep
CreaturoS- Bleeding Like A Stone
Dinoczar- Cream
Miami Doritos- Cut The Rope
Midriffs- White Washed
The Monsieurs- Shadow
Nice Guys- Chips In The Moonlight
The Televibes- DMT

(sorry I am disqualifying The New Highway Hymnal's song Isolation because I consider it a 2013 song

I try not to have multiple songs by the same band but considering that Wand and JEFF the Brotherhood each released 2 albums this year can pick one from each album.

November 20th, 2015

Hadn't seen maaaaak for a long time @ 08:17 pm

An amazing week of psychedelic garage pink kicked off with Wand. As you may know Wand are BFF's with Ty Segall and a couple of the guys will be joining Ty as part of his Muggers tour next year. Wand just released their second knockbuttocks record of 2015 1000 Days. I find this album to be a little mellowed than their previous efforts. The best part of the album is that most of the songs remind me of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd. But before we could get Wanded we needed to sit or stand through two of the best local bands to psych out the Boston area. Midriffs (never call them the Midriffs. They hate the word the) kicked things off. Midriffs played almost every song they know. They aren't used to playing for 40+ minutes. They jammed out their mega hits including Death Beach, White Washed and Green on the Grass. Next we have psych drone legends Ghost Box Orchestra. They have been churning out thick dark drones for almost 10 years. This show was one of their few supporting a new EP Sound of Eternal Now. It's always been the same from them great musicianship and killer riffling. This was my second time seeing Wand this year. The first time I saw them in April was probably the loudest performance is seen this year until I saw J&MC and APTBS this fall. I didn't think they wee quite as loud this time. They were just as good. This performance really showed off Cory Hanson's skills as a guitarist and whatever else instruments he plays. They songs were a bit tripper. It really made me wish that someone were doing liquid light projections.

November 6th, 2015

Hassle fest @ 06:03 pm

Kicking things off at Hasslefest was Black Beach. Off all the bands playing Thursday they are probably the one I was most familiar with. They rock! And they are quite loud doing so as well. They introduced one song as being from their upcoming full length album which I am pumped about. Next in the other room were World Cup. They combined simple guitar riffs with more complex synth sounds at one point it almost sounded like the synth was saying "Oh ah ih oh ah ih ohhhhhh". They were completely instrumental so they weren't using vocals to do that. They reminded me a tiny bit of Battles who have an ex member playing he fest on Saturday. What I think is cool is that with the two stages, one band can set up while another is playing and they when that band finishes the next one can go on right away. So back to the original room for Joss. Joss is a one woman electro machine. Her music is pre programmed on a laptop while she sings and monotones the lyrics. The pounding beats remind me of bands like Vitalic and Factory Floor. I'd say it's maybe a cross between Vaporwave and Witch House. This weekend our next band Cave Bears were celebrating their 10th anniversary. To celebrate they were telling stories about their band and their love for the Grateful Dead and playing hippie jams influenced by their favorite band. I have heard a lot of good things about Listening Woman but I had yet to experience them for myself. They are a bunch of abstract weirdos making very experimental music. They used about every instrument a rock band can have and even had a bearded drag queen jumping around the stage. Gauche were next. They are like a less aggressive non political Downtown Boys. They do have horns, guitars and rhythm. Urochromes had one of the most dapperly dressed hardcore frontmen ever. Unfortunately I did not see that much of them because I was out getting dinner. Their last song was about being ugly. Home Blitz from Jersey were doing eclectic music not quite loud enough be called noise but pretty tight nonetheless. Next we had local noize faves (New England) Patriots. They are always quite insane live. They less everyone in the first pit of the night. Colby also has the nice tendency to join the crowd. For the first time in almost a year Free Pizza were back in the city where they originated: Boston Massachusetts. They have travelled to Miami, Nashville and even Berlin Germany to hone their skills. The results are a bunch of new power pop punk songs that will be on their next full length release due out next year. Between them and Black Beach next year will be quite a blast. The new songs sounded really good. If only they could stay in Boston. And of course they ended their set with Boston MA. Closing out the Elks Lodge portion of Hassle Fest were the Downtown Boys. This was my second time seeing them. As I recall last time they had two sax players. Tonight there was only one. They were still as angry as ever. Between songs Victoria Ruiz ranted against police and for equal human rights. Their live performances are like a whirlwind. It was now time to move to Out of the Blue for the rest of the night. James Moore's favorite band Whip Appeal kicked things off. They are a rap/synth punk band (yes that exists). They singer always plays shirtless because he is a real rockstar. They have a shout out to Dad Shea. The last band I was able to see was PC Worship. Unfortunately I wasn't able to catch their whole set because I had to make the train. I had heard of them but I never seen them before. They make a lot of noise. They are like falling into a black hole of white noise.

Day 2

The scene has shifted to the Brighton Music Hall for day two of hassle fest. The night started loud. Dent kicked things of on a screaming fury. They perfectly combine very heavy riffs with wailing vocals. Don't get bent get Dent. Next were local fiddler diddlers The Channels. I guess you could refer to them as math rock but I'll just call them smart noise. Next was the sunny dream pop rock of Mini Dresses which was perfect for the unseasonable warmth we have been having lately. It's music you can chill and sway to instead of the onslaught of the first two bands. Ungent is making electronic sounds such as bleeps, bloops, whoops, whomps, and sometimes there were so many going on at once I couldn't decipher everything. At one point I wasn't sure if his sound machine was farting. I couldn't smell anything which was good. Throughout the last two days my friend is doing face painting. Weirdo dudesters Cloud Becomes Your Hand were next on the main stage. I thought it was cool that one of the guys in the band had his face painted. These trippy hippies are from New York but probably should be from Boston or at least somewhere on New England. Luxardo was playing now with them. And yes he kept his pants on. They seemed to get freakier as their set went on. Next was the one man show known as Dreamcrusher. He screamed over drony noise and charged around. He reminded me of MC Ride of Death Grips but her was screaming not rapping. It's time to get horny with Battle Trance. They are four guys playing saxophones to make it sound like a drone. When they harmonized it sounded more like a squeaking autumn symphony. The best part was when they were blowing into their saxes funny and it sounded like an elephant with a stuffy nose. Next on the pit stage was the best band name of the entire festival, Unicorn Hard On. UHO isn't actually a band, it's a lady from Providence making warped techno beats kind of like Daft Punk on acid. She has played at a few Scanners. Pile and their pile driving riff which I spoke about at last years hassle fest were next. They sound like the hardest working band in Boston if not the hardest working band in show business. Actually Screaming Females are probably the hardest working band in show business but more about them later. Pile combine their pile driving riffs with emotionally charged lyrics and sick rhythms. After one time Thurston Moore collaborators Paul Flaherty & Bill Nace jammed out with their improv guitar, sax and drums it was time for our feature presentation. This was my first time seeing Screaming Females and let me tell you, they can shred. For a band with 6 albums their set was way too short. They should have played for at least a hour.

Day 3

First up bright and early for day 3 were the Lesser Knowns. They were guitar heavy power pop and a nice way to get things started. After them was Curse Purse which is what you do when your pocketbook has a hole in it. The reminded me of those guys from last night but with out the sax. Los Condenados are interesting. The have four members one drumming furiously. One blowing free jazz into a saxophone. One turning knobs on a noise machine and a lady behind a laptop playing and babbling. It made for some cool noise. Pucker up, Ned! It's time for Pucker Up. They are a minimal duo or drums and guitar rocking out heavily. I suppose pile would sound like them if they had less members. They fit well into the scene along with Lair & The Channels. I knew that Jake Tobin was going to be interesting before he even started considering that he introduced himself sounding like Donald Duck on helium. As he played disjointed chords on the guitar and banged the keyboard the Mike effects kept changing and distorting his vocals. Hardcore punks Sadist were next. By hardcore I don't just mean the leather jackets and spikes they were wearing. They were heavy, fast and could scream. The singer went in the crowd to incite a pit. I get the impression that they are Sammy P's favorite band of the whole fest. Olivia Neutron John entered to a synth drone. Then when she dropped the beat she got physical by dancing like a contortionist and screaming into her mic. Her vocals had a cool echo effect on. At first I thought that Dan Melichior sounded like a bluesy Mac Demarco. There's more to him than that. He sits, plays an acoustic guitar and has bells on his foot that he uses for percussion. Whatever effects he was using made his playing sound heavier than the average acoustic. 1,2,3,4 I declare... Pallberta! This trio of ladies do short choppy, skronkish bobs almost like Guerrilla Toss who by the was cancelled last minute :(. I said this about CBYH yesterday and I'll say it about Palberta today, they sound like they should be from Boston. Ben Hersey didn't really play much music but he did tell stories and motivational speak. He did sing atonally sometimes which was funny. He talked about piss mops and then led the crowd in a singalong about being cool. Punk-hopsters Obnox took the main stage next. All throughout the weekend the Hassle have been giving away free records to lucky attendees. Obnox is one of the many bands playing that donated a few of their albums. Heathen Shame's first song was called Diaper at the Gates of Prong. The lead guitarist held her guitar funny and started to play it with a beer can. The of the members made feedback with guitar and trumpet. She lay down on the stage and played on her back. Then the other guitarist laid I his back and the trumpeter went into the crowd and blew like some sort of animal. At the very end they had guitar sex and that was that. Next was the steelcore punk of Negative One or -1. The tore through 12 songs in about 10 minutes. That's even shorter than a football halftime period. Maybe they could play the next Super Bowl halftime show. Just sayin'. Ono's milkshake brought all the boys to the yard. They combined performance art with improv atonal free jams. They have been described as noise gospel. I guess Jesus really does like noise rock. Serengeti is the only rapper playing the fest. He rapped over beats, drones and dreamy synths. Tyondai Braxton was next. He as Yu may know is the former frontman of Battles. Solo he preforms with a MacBook and lots of other digital music equipment. It started off sounding like lots of tiny rockets going off in your brain. Then the beat kicked in and it got crazier from there. Lots of wobbly beat that would put Skrillix to shame. Unfortunately due to prior obligations I had to leave before Flipper even finished their first song. Either I have to review them based on videos posted on youtube or someone else will have to write about them.

October 18th, 2015

OMG NOMA!!! I wish Michael was caught because he couldn't leave Gabriel behind @ 03:21 am

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stannis left shireen at the wall with selyse and melly sanders, so if she gets burned it won't be on stannis's orders. Falcon was in this movie!! YASSSS!!! When Ruby and Sapphire made up, and the \"laughy Sapphy\" bit and them being in love and showing affection ;_; <3

So we see Sapphire can deal with ice and Ruby with fire, can the other gems do stuff like that? Have they done stuff like that in the past before? levitating 🙏🏽 one eye 👀 overall cuteness of ruby and alien leela. alien leela was so funny with her future vision. \"am i fated to pee on the grass too?\" \"yes\", \"he's not gonna like that it's square\" 😂 a groggy Ethan (after getting revived) tried to do the cool sliding over the car hood trick...only to drop to the floor. opera house scene. Well, this show lives in a reality where not only Hannibal but every single serial killer + Will has the ability and foresight to display their kills in spectacular fashion in a very short time. If Angel Guy who's sick with cancer can string himself up in a barn the way he did and an old ass man can make a huge human totem pole on a beach in one night, then Bedelia can cut off and cook her own leg lol. Yep he did, you can see the movement of his feet and arm and the way he change position. He basically just dropped his weight on Hannibal and gravity did the rest.

I think the ending works in 2 ways but there's something that we need to take in account: Bedelia can't cut and cook her own leg, she needs help. From who? That's the question. That Will pushed them off the cliff; I just thought it was supposed to be ambiguous. I even looked at their feet to see if Will pushed off but it didn't look like that to me...

My pet theory for the end is that Bedelia prepared herself (ha) for Will and Hannibal's inevitable arrive, hoping that would appease them. If not, she has her fork lol. That lady is a self-preservationist. Realistically, she probably didn't get in that position on her own, which means she ran (self-preservationist) but they found her anyway. Doesn't bode well for Alana and co. then...</lj-spoiler) She's like the 3rd person to die in the first episode. She's the first to die like Drew Barrymore and Bella Thorne. Ariana is the first one to die and Nicholas is like the 3rd one. The final scene with Will and Hanni two timing the Red Dragon was amazingly gruesome and homoerotic. I was completely engaged with her situation and rooting for her, and i already knew she survived in the books, but the actress made her character so compelling! I wish I hadn't seen that. I know she was a terrible person in the end but the fact that she might have done that to herself is gonna hunt me. I was so sad for her, omg why I'm so attached to such a terrible person!? has been wrong before. He hasn't commented yet so I bet he's talking to his sources. Maybe he proposed and she said no, but that she still wanted to date? Or maybe they just started dating separate from the show and they'll be together for the After the Final Rose special. That she doesn't pic anybody though. also was waiting for a bobby newport reference during the amy/paul scene
didn't like the small references to that girl ~who became a woman~ wanting to flirt with/make out with an eleven year old boy
i liked that samm levine did the voice of arty again lol
MIB and cooper look like shit yikes
loved lindsay's back story
loved mitch's back story. Was the one to destroy Ultron in the end. If it wasn't for Wanda, the Avengers most likely would have perished and/or many people would have died. Destroyed ultron. The one in the train was gonna die anyway once they destroyed the floating city. She does indeed have the genetic marker for Huntington’s disease & based on her family's history w/ symptoms starting she has until her 30s sometime before it beings to manifest & the spiral of the disease takes hold. Shawn wins no one wins. Bucky trapped in a vise is both funny and sad. And both the heroine, Claire, and her daughter, Brianna, wind up getting raped eventually in this series anyway. TRIGGER WARNING: he kept calling Jamie by his brother's name (ew yikes) and BJR went into detail about what happens when a body is hanged and how the body empties its bowels in the process and he had some smug comment about \"the last thing that will happen to you when you die is my cum running down your legs\" Is it William? Press release from episode 8 says there's someone claiming to be the Chosen One in Vega, so I guessed it was him. What do you think they're doing to him/what does the video show? He filmed for the least amount of time and left early, so I figured he was a goner, but he's still in the credits, so not gone just yet. So Gabriel isn't in the 2X08 synopsis, but Carl talked about filming with Alan, which might indicate Lyrae possessed Gabriel. There's also an upcoming Michael-Gabriel fight scene, I'm assuming one of them is possessed. Now it could be Michael, people said that an outfit he wears in a future still looks like Lyrae's outfit. But then how could Lyrae meet up with Alex and Noma while also interrogating Riesen? Will he body jump twice and possess Gabriel and later Michael? If true, too much body-hopping. I love him but I don't think Tom is good enough to pull off a body/character switch. Hope the switch doesn't last cuz I had feels when he told Alex to run and get his brother. And when Michael turned back for him (I prefer to think he didn't go with Alex so he could save Gabriel). Urgh, those two I swear.

August 30th, 2015

Violence according to Mark's sister @ 02:38 am

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First was Gracie and her all star band consisting of Sam Potrykus (founder and creator of all things Hassle) and Travis Hagan (The New Highway Hymnal). They are as tight as whiteys. They did a group of tuneskies from Gracie's debut solo tape. It is gothy woozy indie bliss. Next it was the weirdo weedo pop of Brattleboro VT's Grape Room. Grape Room is what the Jetsons would sound like if they formed a rock band. They were playing lofi rock b roll through a set of synth bloops and zoops. It was so adorable to say the least! To complete the pair of Brattleboro bands we had The Lentils who are the same as Grape Room just the members switch instruments. I heard someone in the audience say "You were the last band." The Lentils are more mellow psych rock. They don't have the same bloops and zoops that Grape Room have. I'm still trying to decide which cartoon characters they remind me of. I dunno, The Flintstones maybe. They even got a few couples in attendance to do funny ballroom dancing. They did a cool little song about heckling Elvis Presley and Barbara Walters. Its a big welcome back to recent DFA signees Guerrilla Toss. They will be joining such dance rock luminaries as LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, and The Juan Maclean. DFA will release an EP from GT later this year and a full length album early next year. Some of their new stuff may be slightly more poppy and melodic than their early stuff but the herky jerky skronk is still there. So is Kassie's excellent squealing. I remember saying last time I saw them that their new songs reminded me a tiny bit of early 00's dance punk. That's the kind of stuff that DFA signs so I can see them landing there. They were only able to play about 40 minutes or so because of the strict 11:00 curfew. I took a few videos of the show but they didn't come out well at all so I'm not going to post them. I may just delete them.

August 14th, 2015

Si subject @ 08:50 pm

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How times have changed for Mac Demarco. Just a few short years ago he was an unknown slacker weirdo making hippie bedroom folk. Now I wouldn't say that his sound has changed much but he can certainly draw a crowd. Entering a packed Royale tonight to the sounds of Deerhunter's Microcastle album hipsters of all ages and Yours Truly (probably the least hippest in the whole place) await Mac's triumphant return to the Bay State. Opener Jerry Paper came out wearing what looked like a shine kimono bathrobe, socks and a headset microphone. He was crooning along to recorded loungy synth pop music. Most of the music was preprogrammed synth and drum loops but sometimes he would play along and add some flourishes here and there. On the big screen behind Mr. Paper were these cool computer animated characters. At his mercy area they are selling these computer games. I'm not exactly sure what those are about but I would guess that the graphics are cool. Throughout his set the crowd was chanting "Jerry Jerry Jerry" like they were in the audience for the Jerry Springer Show. I also think he works hard to choreograph his dancing because he got the schlocky dancing down pat. Mac and his band were as always all smiles. They were featuring songs from their most recent releases Another One and Salad Days. They started many songs in their funny countdown. Mac would dance funny and stick his tongue out. Mac and his band have great chemistry on stage and joke around with each other at every show. Throughout the night I could smell weed and cigarette smoke from the crowd. I guess they were disobeying the fact that it wasn't allowed here. Now it was time for one of Mac's famous covers. This was of Reeling in the Years which he also did at Levitation. During some songs clips from obscure movies were show on the screen behind the band. One of them looked like it was from Funny Batman. There was also The one Man Show from July 22 1997 (I was only 12 then. Mac was even younger). At one point he took a few swigs of water and spit it into the crowd. Whoever got hit seemed to feel like he must have baptized them or something. The best part was when Mac did a dramatic stage dive front flip into the crowd. I was hoping that they would include another cover or two in the set. I thought that the Coldplay cover they did in Austin was pretty epic. Afterwards I got to meet Jerry Paper. I told him his set was cool and I loved the visuals.

Mac's setlist

The Way You'd Love Her
Salad Days
Another One
Ode to Viceroy
A Heart Like Hers
The Stars Keep On Calling My Name
Without Me
No Other Heart
My Kind of Woman
Reelin' in the Years (Steely Dan cover)
Just to Put Me Down
I've Been Waiting for Her
Still Together
Chamber of Reflection


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