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December 12th, 2014

twelve months in prison convicted of the assault of three mayors. @ 02:34 am

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I guess you could call this Fuzzmas. Illegally Blind mastermind Jason Trefts did it again. 4 of the best bands who all played Fuzzstival in August come together once more for one magical night. First it was Magic Shoppe's turn to cast their spell on the awaiting audience. This was their first time ever playing with 4 guitarists. So of course they were louder than usual. I could barely hear the vocals with all of the guitar noise. I don't necessarily mind that though because I feel like I'm surrounded by both a wave and a wall of psychedelic fury. They played most of their hits. Sadly they ran out of time before they got to Midnight In The Garden Of Evil.
Magic Shoppe's setlist:
No Place To Go
Dead Poplar
Trip Inside This House
Burn Right Through
Shangri-La In Reverse
All The Way
Haunted Hollywood

Here come 1/2 of the Nice Guys to take the stage with Ryan, Melanie, Peachy & the rest of The Fagettes. I am a big fan of their retro inspired fuzzpop. I love their energy live. I noticed that they added a few newer songs to their mix. The swagger came to a climax with the last not about feelin' good. Ryan and Mel were bouncing around the stage. Throughout the whole show the light shows were going off. Major props to Video Joe and Wax House AV on the amazing visuals. This was one of the best light show performances I have ever seen. I love the combination of the digital projections with the liquid light show.

The Fagettes setlist:
National Geographic
Bad Catholics
Sleep Talk
Street Queens In Heat
On Drugs
I Wanna Feel Good

Black Beach got everyone wild. This was not only Fuzzmas but also Black Beach's record release show for their new ep Play Loud, Die. They did a few stompers from that album. There was a major pit in the middle of the Middle East during their whole set. I think I got punched in the jaw. Even worse though at one point one of the light show projectors got smashed by someone getting powerslammed towards the stage. There was a reason why this was all going down BLACK BEACHED ROCKED MAJOR COCKS! They are just loud dirty rock n roll which there needs to be a lot more of.

Black Beach's setlist:
Ego Death Ritual
In Circles
Born To Lose
You're A Ghost
Untitled new song
Youth Is Out There

Psych rock heavyweights and Boston Music Awards nominees CreaturoS closed the night. (I know all good things must come to an end). They showered everyone with psychedelic bliss sending everyone home happy. They put on a helluva fun show every time and tonight was no exception. I think I had more fun than usual tonight. I'm hoping for more nights filled with this scuzzy goodness.

CreaturoS's setlist:
James Days' Milkshake
Last Summers' #1 Hit Single
Hand In My Pocket
Sunrise Wedding
Weird Queen
Going Out In Style
The Mole
The Master's Dope
Ruff Puff

December 9th, 2014

It was a safe experiment which Jacqueline had tried on these people @ 03:20 am

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Priests, Skimask, Animal Mother, Ursula & Whip Appeal

This was a special show set in a church. Priests in a church I get it. First up were Whip Appeal who said they were playing their first ever live show. They were tight for a brand new band. I could hear more pop influences in them than in the other bands. Their singer was wearing leather pants and removed his shirt like a true rockstar. Ursula really impressed me. They were quite loud for just 2 girls. I guess I would call them noise punk. I can't really find a lot of their stuff online because they are a relatively new band. They combined dark humorous lyrics with heavy jams. I referred to their last song as the "Motherfucker song" because they kept repeating that word in the lyrics. Animal Mother were just straight up hardkore punk. 4 girls playing hardkore punk. It's nice to have more female punk bands around these days. It was now time for Priests to deliver their sermon. The sermon consisted of diy punk energy, anarcho-political lyrics and a fiery frontwoman who can go toe to toe with anyone. Both times I have seen them they have been energetic and in my face. Closing out the show was The Abominable Skimask! I had not yet seen Skimask before but I had heard that they are pretty nuts live. They kind of remind me of what Death Grips would be like if they were a noise rock band rather than noise rap. Skimask use all these weird noise machines and effects to create a sound all their own. They were cool. I was hoping for a few more songs from them but they had to meet the 11pm curfew. I'm hoping to see more shows at that venue.

December 2nd, 2014

My music has helped your entire family heal over the years @ 03:37 am

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As I arrived I saw the last few trax by local rockers Pile. Their Piledriving riffs made me wish that I had caught their whole set. The Ryan Power band mellowed the crowd out with their soulful pop rock. Their songs were good to vibe along to. Things went from quiet to loud in a hurry once Burnt Skull came on. They came all the way from Austin TX with their heavy, mucky noise. Their frontman is a very good screamer. You have to be if you want the screams to match the noise you're making which they did. Between bands I was checking out the swanky new digs for Boston Hassle Fest 6. The retro loungey atmosphere reminds me of somewhere that my parents could have gone for a night of dinner and dancing before they were married. Next up were Ethopian pop big band The Debo Band. Ethopian pop? Yep, we got it all covered at Hassle Fest. At first, I didn't know what to expect. Some of their faster songs sounded more skaish. I'd call them funky fresh. The crowd kept shouting for more horns. The only thing they were missing was more cowbell. I was so hoping someone in the crowd would have shouted for more cowbell. Due to a scheduling switch Guerilla Toss were pushed up an hour. They dominated the crowd as usual with their skkronky noise punk. I think it would have been better for them to be playing later or even headlining. They are major celebrities in the Hassle circuit and deserve to be saluted. Nautical Almanac have been making their kooky cool noise since the mid 90's. They would be perfect to soundtrack the most fucked up horror (or any genre for that matter) film ever. They are seem quite resourceful on stage. If they were stuck on a deserted island without their equipment I'm sure that they would be able to find something to make a lot of noise with. It was now time to breathe in the EDM of Inhalent. By EDM I don't mean the shitty EDM in which kids od on molly to. I mean actual electronic music that you can shake your booty to or even mosh to if you so desire. These guys are actually inventive on stage. They don't just wave their arms around and don't appear to do anything like the mainstraim pop djs do. The noise and stuff continued with the Lescalleet/Drumm duo. Monseurs Lescalleet & Drumm (he didn't actually play drumms. That was just his last name) made love to their noise machines to create a sound all of its own. Rounding out at least my night at Hassle Fest 6 were Montreal gazers No Joy. They brought to mind the noisy shoegazy styles of Lush & My Bloody Valentine. I loved their performance especially their last song E.

November 17th, 2014

Hey! Ho! Let's fucking go! Hey! Ho! Let's get up and rock 'n roll! @ 03:07 am

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OK folks it was now time for round 2 of the Burger Records Caravan of Stars. The first round happened last year when The Growlers, Gap Dream, Pangea and a few other megastars did the tour. Tonight Pangea were returning this time as HEADLINERS! Pangea have finally hit the big time. They have toured the world. They have a record deal with a label which may or may not be major. Ok enough about them now. We'll get to them later. Starting the show were Puerto Rican punx AJ Davila y Terror Amor. I was sorta familiar with their stuff because I knew of AJ Davila from his other band Davila 666 who I saw a few years ago. They brought the energy. Too bad there wasn't a bigger crowd to see them. I'd say that Mozes and The Firstborn were probably the most psych band of the night. I saw them back in February opening for, you guessed it, Pangea and they were really good then. They were fine now as well. There were times however that I couldn't hear the vocal as well as I hoped but I never blame the band for that. Now it was time for Cherry Glazerr to make their Boston debut. I had been looking forward to seeing them for a while now. They were the first band to bring a real crowd. Their songs are lofi fuzz-pop about things such as cats, grilled cheese and other sweet topics. The Coathangers were now up to rip shit up. Playing mostly tracks from their 2 most recent releases they banged hard through their set. There were times when band members switched instruments and everyone got in on the singing and shouting. After their set I was chatting with some of the members. I found out that one of the girls in The Coathangers was the sister of one of the members of The Hiss who were one of the more underrated garage punk bands of the 2000's. Pangea played all their hits to finish the show. They played what I would expect to hear from them including Badillac, Sick Shit, Offer, Too Drunk to Cum and River. At the end I bought another Burger button and I can officially say that I am a Burger Bitch!

November 9th, 2014

Ares is the Greek god who portrays the peaceful aspects of war @ 11:18 pm

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I just saw the band that probably had one of my most anticipated albums of the year, The Meatbodies. I knew their frontman Chad from his work with Ty Segall, Fuzz, Mikal Cronan and Pangea. This was their first full tour to the northeast. They were joined by hard hitters Purling Hiss and local rockers Krill. Krill was up first. I had never seen Krill before but I knew friends that were fans of theirs so I had a feeling that they'd be good. Krill sound like a cross between the Lo-fi indie bands of the 90's & early 00's ( I.e. Pavement, Modest Mouse, etc) and 90's emo. This was back when emo was actually good, not like the dumb emo kids you have today. I liked them and they appear to have quite the following around here. It seemed more crowded when they were playing than when the headliners took the stage. Purling Hiss muddled this show. From what I'd heard of them prior to seeing them they reminded me of early grunge and Lo-fi punk mixed together. Their new album which they played most of their set from is probably their most mainstream accessible album to date. Live they sounded like a louder, dirtier version of Dr. Dog (whom they have toured with before). No one in the crowd seemed more excited tosee them than Sam from Boston Hassle who has booked them before for Hassle shows. Now it was Chad and his boys from So Cal's time to shine. They rocked out just about all the songs from their self titled debut album. One song that they didn't play was THe Master which is probably my favorite song on the album. About midway through the set they had a w technical difficulties where Chad had to borrow one of the opening band's guitars. He also had to disconnect one of his pedals because it was not functioning properly and making some awful static. Towards the end if their set they did a cover of The Stooges' Search and Destroy. They said they were practicing it for an upcoming Halloween cover show. This was the second time this year that I have seen a band cover that particular song. Back in June I saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band cover that same song. It was nice to see him show more of a punk side. Back to The Meatbodies now. Their 45 or so minute set of punk slime certainly pleased me and made me want to see them again which I did two days later when they created a shit storm with Diarrhea Planet.

November 4th, 2014

American Idol contestant Mario Vazquez will appear Saturday, July 20 2014 @ 02:28 am

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I knew from off the bat that this show was gonna be wicked. Megashredders JEFF the Brotherhood and Megarippers Diarrhea Planet. Opening were the local power trio The Monseurs. Their brand of trashy lofi garage punk excited the crowd. Their singer, Andy MacBain had quite the swag as well. They just put out a new album and for sure it will win them a Grammy in 2015. They have a lot more shows around the area so czech them out!Next up was the band that I will affectionately refer to as the Shittiest Band In America. Yes that's right it is Diarrhea Planet! This was my first time seeing them which I am kind of surprised be because they have come around quite a few times. They have 4 different guitarists riffing it at once. This also makes them super loud. Their stage moves rival Andy MacBain's for best of the night. During one song their had their friend, photographer Pooneh Ghana play with them on stage and they showed her all the moves. They ended their set by taking us all back to the summer of 1997 by covering Third Eye Blind's Semi Charmed Life. I must say they totally killed it with their violent diarrhea. JEFF the Brotherhood aren't their normal selves any more. They are no longer a duo (or at least live they no longer are.) They are a four piece band now and they played the whole show as a four piece. Last time I saw them they played half the show as a duo and the other half as a four piece. I miss the simplicity of them just being a duo. I just felt it worked better for them. They still sounded quite tight though. They did a number of my favorite songs of theirs such as Melting Place, Heavy Krishna &
U Got the Look. They even threw in a few covers of Beck's Totally Confused (which appears on their new covers ep Digs the Classics) and Rush's Working Man (which does not) As always JTB get a great crowd in Boston. For their last song, the aforementioned Rush cover they brought out The Wizard. The Wizard sang as JEFF played. For some reason I knew it was going to be a magical night from the beginning and this just topped it off. After words I shot the shit with a few members of Diarrhea Planet and they told me how they recently got high with Rikky from White Fang/The Memories

Diarrhea Planet setlist
Raft Nasty
The Sound of My Ceiling Fan
Ghost With A Boner
Orange Girls
Lite Dream
Semi-Charmed Life

JEFF the Brotherhood setlist

Mellow Out
Melting Place
Heavy Krishna
U Got the Look
Black Cherry Ale
Totally Confused
Staring at the Wall
Hey Friend
What's A Creep
The Ripper
Working Man




October 23rd, 2014

Show me who I'm going to worship! @ 03:35 am

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I saw Cloud Nothings for the second time this year. It was a tough decision for me to choose between seeing Cloud Nothings or seeing Warpaint who were playing the same night at Royale. One of the reasons why I chose this show was because of the opening band Tyvek who I will get to later. The first band on were Chandos who are a new local band I'd never heard of. I met a couple of their band members before the show and they told me that they are kind of punkish and thought I'd like them based on my tastes. They came on and sounded decent but I didn't find anything extra special about them. I thought that Black Beach opening for Bass Drum of Death a few days earlier were much better because they had more bang for their buck. Now it was time for the band of the night TYVEK! They were so amazing. This was my first time seeing them and they impressed me so much. They remind me of a rawer version of Parquet Courts. I overheard someone refer to them as "choppy" which I can only assume was a compliment. Some of the songs they played included Honda, Underwater 1, This One or That One and my personal favorite Wayne County Roads. I wish that the crowd was more into them. Most of the crowd was standing still during their set yet I was bouncing the entire time. One thing in common with Tyvek and Cloud Nothings is that they have both had bass drum trouble when I have seen them. At the beginning of Tyvek's set the bass drum kept shifting and they couldn't get it to be still on the stage. The drummer was having trouble playing it so they had to finish their set using Cloud Nothings's bass drum. That reminded me of when I saw Cloud Nothings in April and the drummer was playing so hard that he broke his bass drum. At least Bass Drum of Death didn't have Bass Drum Trouble. That would have been ironic though if they did. Anyway back to Cloud Nothings. Cloud Nothings hour or so long set consisted mostly of songs from their two recent albums Here And Nowhere Else and Attack On Memory. I don't know his name but their dummer is such a beast out there. He really enhances their live performances. The highlight of their set was the 10+ minute version of Wasted Days which turned into a mini jam. Then for an encore they played No Future/No Past which they did not play when I saw them in April. Afterwords I ran into a few of the Tyvek guys and I told them how much I loved them. I want to see them again soon.


Cloud Nothings

October 16th, 2014

Peter Forsberg switched between center and wing a lot in his career @ 03:50 am

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This was the Illegally Blind show I have been waiting for for quite a while. That's right: 2 Time Super Bowl Champions The Mighty Bass Drum of Death are back in town! For those of you who don't know. Illegally Blind is Jason Trefts's booking company. I saw the opening band Black Beach only about a week earlier blow the roof off of Thieves Grotto. They were probably my favorite band at that party so I was looking forward to seeing them again. They were the perfect local band to open this show. They played pretty much the same set as a week ago but they sounded and looked even better with the lights and projections around the stage. They rip hard and are a force to be reckoned with. John from Bass Drum of Death even commented that they are the best opener he has seen so far on their tour. Big props to Jason for adding them to the bill. After a brief break Michigan psych 5 piece The People's Temple came on. This was my first time seeing them. I have heard their recordings and I think that they rock much harder live than on those recordings. For some reason I thought they were going to be more laid back. I guess to keep up with Bass Drum of Death you really gotta rip it. Their singer reminded me a little of Hadden from The New Highway Hymnal. They impressed me. Now it was time for 2 Time Super Bowl Champions The Mighty Bass Drum of Death to rip everyone a new asshole. The crowd started jostling as soon as John Barrett strummed the opening riff of Velvet Itch. As the heavy hitting jams continued, the crowd just got more wild. The band members long hair went flying around the stage nonstop as they played. Bass Drum of Death just put out a rippin' new album appropriately titled RIP THIS! So obviously they featured a number of songs from it. They also did a number of my favorite older songs of their such as I Wanna Be Forgotten, Nerve Jamming & Get Found. For some songs there were girls that jumped onstage and danced. Just watch the video of Crawling After You. For their encore they did GB City track Religious Girls and a cover of Spirit In The Sky which at first I wondered if it was BRMC's Spread Your Love because those songs have similar chord progressions. After the show I got to chill with the guys. They are some of the most awesome nice guys ever. Finally it was time for me to go home and let my bruises heal. This was not the first time I was bruised at a BDOD show.

Bass DRum of Death's setlist
Velvet Itch
I Wanna Be Forgotten
Left For Dead
GB City
Nerve Jamming
Sin Is In 10
Bad Reputation
For Blood
Way Out
Lose My Mind
Spare Room
Young Pros
Shattered Me
Crawling After You
Get Found
Religious Girls
Spirit In The Sky



October 13th, 2014

All kinds of operations on aesthetic @ 03:39 am

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This was my second time seeing The Black Lips this year after going however many years they have been a band without seeing them. This show was extra special because King Khan & BBQ Show were opening up and I was thinking maybe they'd join forced and do some Almighty Defenders. The Kominas were the first band on. Despite the fact that they were a Boston based band for a number of years I as not familiar with them. At first I was getting them confused with the Swedish band Komeda because their names sounded similar. The Kominas are an Arab-American garagy punk band. They were dressed in casual arab dress. They rawked out and the crowd seemed to dig them. The leather clad punx in the audience were bouncing up and down as they played. I had never seen King Khan or any of his bands before even though I have wanted to for quite a while. I didn't realize that King Khan & BBQ Show play as a duo. King Khan & Mark Sultan (BBQ). They both play guitars and Sultan stomps and I mean stomps on a bass drum. Their whole set was pure rock n roll fun. I like the whole stage setup for The Black Lips. It's just the four guys in the band and a blank stage backdrop for occasional projections. I find that simplicity works best for them. Another thing I love about their live show is that even though they have been touring all year promoting their new album "Underneath the Rainbow" They still fit songs from all their older albums into their setlist. I was standing off to the right side of the stage near where Cole Alexander is and he seemed to be staring at me throughout the show. Cole has been known in the past for crazy stage antics including pissing and vomitting on stage. Towards the middle of the show I saw Cole undo his belt, pull down his pants and whip his dick out. He was stroking it for a bit. At least I didn't see any piss. He appeared to be staring at me as he was doing this. I couldn't help but wonder "Is he pleasuring himself to me or something?" Later on some band members tossed beers into the crowd. I picked one up off the ground and opened it and it exploded all over me. Crowd people and band members started cheering. Throughout all the some damn fine garage punk tunes were being played by the four gentlemen on stage. I was disappointed that Ian Saint Pe is no longer playing withthem. Maybe that means that another Diamond Rugs album is coming soon. At the end King Khan and Mark Sultan joined the Black Lips and it was time for some Almighty Defenders! It was amazing to see them all up on stage again.

The Black Lips setlist
Sea of Blasphemy
Modern Art
Family Tree
Dirty Hands
Go Out And Get It
O Katrina
Drive By Buddy
Justice After All
I've Got a Knife
Boys in the Wood
Ain't No Deal
Not a Problem
Raw Meat
Bad Kids

Almighty Defenders songs
All My Loving
Cone of Light
Ghost With The Most
Bow Down and Die

October 6th, 2014

Marley laughed and I swiped the mic away @ 02:10 am

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I recently saw The Dandy Warhols yet again. This was actually my first time seeing them since 2012. I missed them when they came last year. The openers Bonfire Beach I had never heard of before. They played a 40 or so minute set of solid rock n roll. The Dandys were not touring in support of any specific album in particular so I was expecting a varied set. They started out with Be-In which is one of my favorite Dandys songs so I knew it was going to be a good night. They played most of their singles including We Used To Be Friends, Not if You Were the Last Junkie on Earth and Bohemian Like You. They sounded as great as I have ever heard them. At one point in the show Zia made an announcement that the digital clock up by the soundbooth that was facing the stage was "driving her bonkers". The sound guy then turned the clock around. Their set ended kinda abruptly. I was hoping for more of an encore. I was disappointed that they didn't do and songs from Earth To The Dandy Warhols which is one of their best and most underrated albums. I do love that they played Ride and Be-In which are probably my two favorite Dandy Warhols songs.

Dandy Warhols' setlist
We Used To Be Friends
Not if You Were the Last Junkie on Earth
I Love You
You Were the Last High
Sad Vacation
Well They're Gone
Crack Cocaine Rager
Girls of London
Horse Pills
Bohemian Like You
Get Off
Pete International Airport/ Boys Better
Country Leaver

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