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July 18th, 2014

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I saw DIIV a few days ago at a very small venue. This is probably the last tour they will ever do playing places that small. I caught only about the last 2 or 3 songs by the first opener Regal Degal but they sounded pretty decent. Middling the show was Lodro. Their songs were slow burning psych. Their guitarist kinda looks like the guy from DIIV and when I saw him walking around before their set I mistook him for a DIIV member. The house music that was playing between bands was The Kills' debut album Keep On Your Mean Side. As DIIV were going into their first song, frontman Zachary Cole Smith asked "What the fuck is that?" I was afraid he was going to have a diva like bitchfit but all it turned out to be was a little too much feedback which was brought down and now we were ready to go. For most of the night the vocals were barely audible. I wasn't sure if they needed to turn up the mic, turn down the guitars or both. I find this to happen a lot with shoegaze bands that I can't really make out the singing. I found it funny when between songs getting ready for the next song they played a few riffs from the song that they had just finished. I saw Cole's girlfriend Sky Ferreira in the crowd. I was surprised that she was there because I thought that she was on tour. They played mostly stuff from their one and only album Oshin as well as a few brand new songs. The new songs sounded good. I think that they may sound a bit different on an album because DIIV have a tendency to play faster and sloppier live. I don't find that to necessarily be a bad thing.

DIIV playing a new song

July 12th, 2014

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I saw Dead Leaf Echo for the second time in less than a month. Opening up were Pale Hands. Their songs were mostly mellow lo-fi electro pop. Between sets I was standing outside the Middle East listening to the good bands playing there. I was also talking to my buddies in Dead Leaf Echo who I had just seen in Brooklyn at the Christo Tribute. Next up was Andre Obin. The only other time I had seen him solo was when he opened for School of Seven Bells a few years ago. He plays all by him self playing multiple instruments including keyboard, drum machine, guitar and anything else electronic. Dead Leaf Echo were a bit louder than the other more electronic oriented acts on the bill. They do more of the shoegaze thing and they do it quite well. Their set consisted of mostly songs from their two most recent releases. They also played an unreleased song that was written by the late, great Christo Buffam. That song was amazing and I would love it if they could release it. I will be seeing them again at the end of August and I couldn't be happier.

The next night I saw the man with three names Kenny, Wayne and Shepherd. Robert Randolph and his band opened. He started with an instrumental number. His next few songs which he sang on were more upbeat. His cousin is also in the band playing a musical instrument having a flat-backed rounded body that narrows in the middle, a long fretted neck, and usually five strings, played by strumming or plucking. Before the show I saw this big black lady outside who I later saw was a backup vocalist in Robert Randolph's band. Both KWS and RR are hugely influenced by Jimi Hendrix. They both covered Hendrix songs in their sets RR did Foxy Lady and KWS covered Voodoo Chile which he usually ends his sets with. Kenny's new album Goin' Home consists of him and his band covering a number of old blues songs. One song that KWS covered at this show was Search and Destroy by The Stooges. Kenny sang on this cover and I was thinking that his voice would work better for garage punk than for blues. He played a number of his hits including Somehow, Somewhere, Someway, True Lies and Blue on Black. For the last few songs he brought out Robert Randolph and they jammed on a few songs. I thought that was cool to see them playing together.

July 10th, 2014

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Last month I saw two of the better local bands in town The Freeways and Magic Shoppe opening for a band I was unfamiliar with called Axxa/Abraxas. I care more about the two openers. The Freeways were up first. This show was a record release show for them. Their new album Dream Machine was sold for the first time at this show. The album is quite good and so was their performance. They play west coast inspired surfpsych. The projections in the background during their [performance was a nice added touch. Next up were the revamped Magic Shoppe. This was their first time playing together with this lineup and the first time Magic Shoppe has played in a few years. They were great. They basically are Boston's answer to The Black Angels and Brian Jonestown Massacre. I am looking very forward to seeing them again at Fuzzstival. Axxa/Abraxas were a group of kids from North Carolina that played psychish rock n roll. They were good but I liked the two openers more.

Magic Shoppe's setlist.
All The Way
Something's Wrong
Time To Go
Burn Right Through
Midnight In The Garden Of Evil
Trip Inside This House
Haunted Hollywood

Only a couple days later I saw up and coming Brit rockers Eagulls. The first opener was Idiot Genes. They played very dirty punk rawk. There was nothing clean about them and I mean that in a good way. Their songs were about drugs, ass, pussy and other lovely topics. I liked them and obviously someone else did who bought them a round of PBR's. Next were Sun Lions who I didn't like quite as much. They also played punky rock but they were cleaner, poppier and more generic sounding. Eagulls were excellent. They banged through most if not all of the songs on their debut album. They have this nice Wire meets Joy Division post punk sound which I love. Especially with the heavy bass. I was hoping that Cheatahs would have been opening for them because they opened some other dates on the tour.

July 7th, 2014

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Last month I saw Bauhaus singer Peter Murphy but I wasn't just there to see him , I was also very excited about the opener Ringo Deathstarr. Ringo Deathstarr is the stage name of Richard Deathstarkey who is the drummer of The Zombeatles. I had just seen Ringo Deathstarr play an amazing show at Great Scott a few months earlier so I knew they'd bring it. As they also did in their headlining show they played mostly songs from, their new album God's Dream including Flower Power and the title track. The crowd who was probably not particularly familiar with them seemed to dig them. The crowd mostly consisted of older and younger goths. They may not have been the darkest band to play but they do make a lot of noise and certainly kept the crowd well prepared. Peter Murphy took a while to come on but one he and his 4 piece band did they got to business. He mostly played stuff from his solo catalog. There were only 2 Bauhaus songs in the set. I was hoping for more. I'm not as familiar with his solo stuff as I am with Bauhaus's stuff. He sounded great especially for a 50 something year old. He had a lot of energy on stage. His band appeared to be much younger than him.

RDS's setlist
Flower Power
Bong Load
God's Dream
Chainsaw Morning
Tambourine Girl

Peter Murphy's setlist
Hang Up
Low Room
Low Tar Stars
Memory Go
Peace to Each
Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Holy Clown
A Strange Kind of Love
Silent Hedges
She's In Parties
Velocity Bird
The Prince & Old Lady Shade
Cuts You Up
Uneven & Brittle

Video from the show


June 18th, 2014

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I finally got to see Parquet Courts last week. I have wanted to see them for a while but missed them the last times they came around. The first band to play were Sweet John Blume. Sweet John Bogan led them in short punchy garage similar style to the headlining band that night. I'd never heard of them before but they were an adequate way to start the night. Next we had Detroit post punkers Protomartyr. They had a rumbly bass heavy sound and their singer's baritone voice matched it. Their singer looks like he could have been somebody in the crowd's dad. I'm sure that fans of Pere Ubu and Joy Division would really dig them. Parquet Courts were excellent. THey sounded super tight live and the close to sold out crowd loved them. They banged through their songs pretty quickly until they got to Instant Disassembly the slow burning 7 or so minute epic off their new album. All the guys had their hand at singing or screaming during songs. I was hoping to hear a few more mega-bangerz from them such as Stoned And Starving, Smart Aleck Kid and You've Got Me Wonderin' Now. There was some interaction with the audience when a band member answered a crowd heckle by saying "That's what she said"

Parquet Courts's setlist
Duckin & Dodgin
Bodies Made Of
Black & White
Vienna II
Always Back In Town
Dear Ramona
Master of My Craft
Borrowed Time
What Color Is Blood
Up All Night
Instant Disassembly
Raw Milk
Into The Garden
Light Up Gold
Sunbathing Animal

June 14th, 2014

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Last month I saw Fucked Up for the first time. I was disappointed that I had to miss watching the Pootses to go but oh well. The only band playing that I had seen before was the first band Bent Shapes. They play punky power pop. One of their microphones the singer uses is a phone receiver and it looks funny when he sings into it. Their set was brief but they were definitely happy to be playing. The middle band The Menzingers I was not familiar with at all. They seemed to have quite the following though. Their style of punk is a bit similar to bands such as The Gaslight Anthem and The Dropkick Murpheys. The crowd was singing a long to a lot of their songs and there were times where it looked like more people were they for them rather than Fucked Up. Anyone who left before Fucked Up was an idiot. Fucked Up did not disappoint. By the third song Damon "Pinkeye" Abraham already had his shirt off and was lunging towards the crowd. By the 5th song he went into the crowd and climbed up onto the mezzanine and was actually singing songs from up there. He told stories about how he visited Armageddon Records before the show and saw a number of his favorite punk records there. At one point he gave a fan his shoes which were given to him for free earlier considering that the show was sponsored by Converse. Some of the songs they played included Queen of Hearts, The Other Shoe and their new single Paper This House.

May 22nd, 2014

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The second night of Bufu fest also had a nice diverse lineup. I was only there for the first half of the night. Some of the highlights of who I saw included:
My friend's band Gangbang Gordon played first. They play messy, disoriented garage punk that would make Ty Segall, Mikel Cronin and Jay Retard proud. I think their songs sounded a little bit more melodic than when I saw them the first time a few months earlier. One song even included a funny rap. Hurricanes of Love was probably the most interesting act of the night. Frank Hurricane was strumming and acoustic guitar and telling pretty far out stories from his adventures on tour as he play a few psychedelic folk songs. LittleFoot played slow burning psych rock similar style to bands like Warpaint and Heliotropes. Dylan Ewan & the Sulk Scouts played bubblegum pop punk. One of the synths they used sounded like cat meows. Their set included a cover of Madonna's Like a Virgin. Hard rockers Acidosis were up next. They got everyone to love the riff. Their lead singer was Ben, the founded of Bufu Records who put this whole fest on. Their set also included a cover which was of Van Halen's Panama. The last band I saw was noise rockers In Heat.

2 weeks later I saw Liars. I hadn't seen them since 2008 and this was worth the wait. As I was waiting I saw a guy up on the stage setting some equipment up. I soon found out that was not a guy after all and that actually was Jana Hunter. I knew of Jana Hunter being the frontwoman of Lower Dens. As a solo artist she sounded more stripped down. It was just her with a guitar and a drum machine. She started her set with a cover of Hall & Oates's Maneater. The rest of her songs were new songs that she wrote for Lower Dens. Right before Liars went on, the lights dimmed and projections started up on the screen behind the stage. Each bandmember came out and last to emerge was Angus Andrew wearing a maskhat made of colorful yarn like what is on the cover of their new album Mess and all the promo pics leading up to the album's release. They started with some songs from their new album Mess. This album as well as their last one are more electronically based. I think the new one is a bit more aggressive than its predecessor. The songs got the crowd bouncing. They just went through song after song until their set ended after about an hour. Personally I think they should have played longer. I was hoping to hear song of their really old songs from their first couple albums.

Liars's setlist
Perpetual Village
Pro Anti Anti
Mask Maker
Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack
I'm No Gold
No 1 Against the Rush
Vox Turned D.E.D.
Mess On A Mission
Plaster Casts of Everything
Freak Out

May 17th, 2014

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I went to BUFU Fest last month. I saw the end of the first band, Chrome Over Bass which was just consisted of a dude playing drums (rather well I might add) and the rest of the music (guitar, bass, vocals) was pre recorded and loud behind him. Next was the band I came extra early to see, the Nice Guys. They are basically Boston's answer to FIDLAR. They play loud, fast, raw punk rock about weed, partying and other fun stuff. I also appreciate the birthday shoutout I got from them. This was my second time seeing them in less than a week. Channels were up next. The sounded like sorta mathy punk. ACLU Benefit were quite interesting. ACLU Benefit was one guy playing very lofi noisy folk rock singing in a monotone nasally voice. He came out playing a little red guitar but later switched. I wonder if Thierry Mulch would have sounded like this if he were a musician and not a homicidal crime writer. Next were Skinny Bones. They started off slow but things got louder and freakier as they went on. They sound like they are influenced by early Animal Collective and Devandra Banhart. Funeral Cone arrived funny. Their singer came out wearing a small amp on his back. He held up the mic attached to the speaker up to a tape recorder that was playing some old audio recording. After that the band let loose. Their 20 minute set consisted of a bunch of pretty hard kore punk songs. They were the first band to whip the crowd into a mosh pit. I'm sure Nice Guys would have as well if there were more people there when they played. Gymshorts made a lot of noise just like they did when I saw them with Night Beats last year. Nothing wrong with that. Achoo... Sneeze were up next. They played some lowd emo infused punk rawk and by emo I mean the good kind of emo not the kind of crap that the Dumb Emo Kidz play. Now it was FREE PIZZA TIME! I saw Free Pizza as well as the Nice Guys opening for White Fang a week earlier. Free Pizza have got to be the best new power punk band outta Boston. Their shows are such a sweaty good time. Fresh off his opening slot for Mac Demarco ex Beets singer Juan Waters was up next. He was probably the most mellow chill act of the night. It is clear that he must not suffer from epilepsy or any similar seizure disorder because strobe lights by his mic were flashing on and off throughout his whole set. All of his slow folky songs seemed to bleed into each other. I doubt that if George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson had formed a band that they would have sounded like Founding Fathers. Founding Fathers sounded like what Death Grips or Trash Talk would sound like if they did straight up noise rock. The crowd went nuts for them especially the people who were hanging from the pipes. Closing out night one were Boston Hassle favorites Guerilla Toss. Their experimental noise was a big hit with the crowd and set the bar pretty high for the next night.

May 3rd, 2014

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Last month I finally saw The Black Lips. I always seemed to miss them when they had come before so it was nice to finally see them. The opening band was Natural Child. I'd heard of them before but wasn't really familiar with their music. I was expecting them to be a garage punk band like The Black Lips but they played more southern country influenced rock. A number of their songs were about drugs and alcohol so that really fit the theme of things. I was with some friends who had seen The Black Lips before multiple time so they knew more of what to expect than I did. They came out playing a umber of songs from their brand new album which I do like but I wish it was a bit more rawer like their earlier stuff. They seem to have toned down their show from the early days as well. Cole didn't play guitar with his penis, there was no making out or vomiting on stage like there has been in the past. They sounded quite tight though.

The next night (which was 4/20 by the way) I saw White Fang who are The Band To See On 4/20™. That's right Boston was the lucky city to be graced by White Fang's presence on that glorious day this year. Free Pizza were up first in this jam packed bill. This band is fairly new and I had never seen them before but I was quite impressed. They played power punk that I wouldn't exactly call poppy. They songs were for the most part short fast and no very sweet (by the way I mean that as a compliment). Next up were Boston's version of FIDLAR, the Nice Guys. They like to party and rock hard. I am hoping for big things coming from them. Next up were Boston's best synth punkers Earthquake Party! They recently recorded a bunch of new songs for an upcoming album and they played a number of them tonight. The one non local opener was Denney and The Jets from Nashville who at first I thought were gonna be an Elton John cover band or something. They were not. The name comes from the fact that their singer's name is Denney. They played good ol' fashioned rock n roll. They are homeboys of Natural Child who I saw the previous night with the Black Lips. Now it was time for the mighty White Fang! Guitarist Kyle Handley, Drummer Jimmy Leslie and Bassist Chris Uehlein started playing with lead singer Erik Gage in the background. When he was ready to sing Gage stormed to the front of the stage and started jumping around like a madman. Their songs border between punk, hardcore, metal and hard rock with the band into it the whole time. Some of the funnier moments included when Gage backhumped the stage for about a minute and when Gage lifted Uehlein while he was playing bass and spun him around. I am planning on seeing Gage and Hundley again later this month with The Memories, their mellower other band. After the show I saw for merch they had a number of gnarly Gnar Tapes.

April 15th, 2014

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I saw Skaters earlier this month. It was an early show so the opening band were already playing when I got in. The openers Team Spirit played some good ol' rock n roll which was great because they smelled like Team Spirit. I didn't realize it at first but I had seen 3 of the members of Skaters before when they were in other bands. Their singer and drummer were in the bands Furvis and The Dead Trees in the mid 00's and their guitarist played with Dirty Pretty Things in 2006. I can see why they are getting big not with similar style bands like Arctic Monkeys and Palma Violets burning up. They played most of the tunes from their one and only album Manhattan which came out recently. They show a lot of energy on stage which I like. For one song their singer tried to hang from the rafters. They came out for one last song which was a cover of Nirvana's Territorial Pissings. I saw The Hussy cover this same song only 2 months earlier. Afterwards I was talking to the guys and I found out that I went to high school with a couple of them.

3 days later at the identical locus I saw Cloud Nothings. The opener Pleasure Leftists reminded me a lot of Screaming Females but with less shredding. Their singer screamed and shouted and her voice reminded me of Marissa from SF. I also thought that their singer's dancing on stage was funny. Cloud Nothings featured songs from their new album Here And Nowhere Else. I do like that they played some of my favorite older songs of theirs such as Fall In, Stay Useless and Wasted Days. During one song the bass drum broke and they had to stop in the middle of the song and replace it with Pleasure Leftists's bass drum. Cloud Nothings style reminds me a bit of a more mild version of Bass Drum of Death. (OK by more mild I mean they are not quite as loud). Their drummer was going nuts on the drums which probably caused the bass drum to break. The crowd seemed to get more and more into it after each song. Afterwards I chatted with Dylan and the bassist. They were very soft spoken humble guys. Dylan told me he is working on an album with Nathan from Wavves. That should be interesting. I would love it if Cloud Nothings and Wavves could do a tour at some point.

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