I met stitch I thought he was a dick honestly....Waylon was out talking to the fans like he was a fucking normal person! Two sides to every story! Just being honest here! Take it how you want too! At one of the shows Waylon was the only one I saw out in about talking and meeting with people. The rest were just being stuck up rock stars. Fuck that shit! So how much did u have to pay to meet every single member in the band? Of course they're gonna be cool as fuck if you're paying to meet them. Waylon was out there doing it cuz he loved being out there with his fans. Waylon was always seemingly drunk and the times I saw him he seemed like he was in a hurry to get done with the fans. The last show I was at I spoke to almost everyone, not just Waylon. Waylon always left early when I was at shows. Saying it's late back in Ohio. Bedtime for me. Stitch and skinny let me my lady and cousin on the bus for a few beers and some sinister on the buses tv. If they ain't being friendly then idk what is. When I saw them in Cleveland Waylon blew me off when he walked by me. I met everyone in the band, everyone in the band was cool as fuck except Jeff. Met him 3 times, and all 3 times dude was a stuck up dick. Bring Waylon back and get rid of that overrated dick face Jeff and the band would be 1,000,000,000 times better. He's an asshole, in my opinion...and in the opinion of others i know that have met him. Met the dude 3 times and he was a stuck up dick all 3 times. And this was long before his wife got sick, so that wasn't the reason. Everyone else in the band were always cool as shit. I’m entitled to my opinion, and believe me i'd definitely rather hang out with Waylon than Jeff. As for you, go run along and be the typical band groupie I’m quite sure you are. No. Not a new fan...I’m also far from the only one to see he's a dick. As for catching him on a bad day....its been multiple times, not just once. I'll say it too..Jeff was an asshole. He has been a dick every single time. If this post isn't one big band wagon blow job to stitch and a fuck you to Waylon. I've seen Rick in a shitty mood (especially when side doors are locked at a venue!) and i've seen Waylon in a shitty mood a few times too, even Jack had his moments and he was one of the nicest people ever. Shmotz is out of the band and everybody was told by Skinny not to talk to him. Waylon continued to talk to him and Stitch snitched on him and Waylon kicked his ass. Apparently the whole band would make fun of Waylon for his accent and shit. Also he was claiming that he only makes $16,000 a year from the band when they make $250,000 on selling masks alone. His live acoustic set was actually postponed because Skinny didn’t want him to do it. Waylon was going to make a shirt with his face on it for said show and Skinny threatened to sue him. Basically Waylon couldn’t do anything unless Skinny could make money from it. Another thing is the reason you didn’t see Waylons masks up for sale often was because he believed the fans shouldn’t have to pay that much for a piece of latex." Waylon is a guy who I've had nothing but respect for. He's treated everyone right I know and would talk to people. You sir are notoriously know for being... We'll sort of a dick. Waylon explained that rick was a rat and ran his mouth so Waylon beat the shit out of him. Said he got what was coming. Waylon didn't quit, he was left in North Carolina for going all "hulk smash" to me and the entire bus (including the bus driver). Had NOTHING to do with Waylon talking to Tom/Shmotz. I still fucking talk to Shmotz!! Why do you have to talk shit about someone's decision? You sound like a little whiny bitch right now. Aww, thank you for using me as a punching bag, whah, whah. you were the biggest bitch in the band and I'm glad I never got a chance to know you. Dang that's crazy. you're still a little bitch though, lol. nothing tough about me saying that. just how I feel about you. bruh. wow what a fuckin pussy. Wasn't a decision he made, he was thrown off the bus for his behavior and being violent and even was fighting the bus driver. Know your facts jackass. It's easy to rush online and say u quit to save face. Hah But I'm a whiny bitch, ok tough guy. What happened to Stitch was because Schmotz was fired..Waylon still wanted to keep in contact. Stitch went crying to Skinny and the band didn't like Waylon still talking to him. So Waylon kicked Stitches ass and quit the band. Shmotz got canned. Skinny instructed the rest of the members to not have contact with him. After 11 years of knowing someone, Waylon didn't listen to those instructions from his boss (Skinny) and remained in contact. Rick (Stitch) learned of this and tattle-tells to the boss. Waylon then kicks Stitch's ass for good reason. Waylon was wanting to leave mrh for a while now.. Just didn't know it would be this soon. There you have it. Waylon was wanting to remain friends with Shmotz and Stitch narked him out. My Mushroomhead experience I was 17 Heard Bwomp Shit pants Bought album Rocked out. Now I'm 31 Thank you Mushroomhead. Stitch was a prick the only time I met him.. Skinny has been an asshole to me, Tom has been an asshole to me, Stitch is well..... Stitch. Eh, other people should know how Skinny is so they realize they're supporting a selfish asshole who doesn't care about the fans. Skinny is a greedy dick. Popson and Jeff both sound like they’re gonna blow their pipes out every show. So you being arrogant assholes is just a business spiel?! You're probably losing a shit ton of fans and you could care less, I see thousands of people on here saying you're a douche Jeff, maybe you should take that as a sign and try to salvage this! Why don't you take your own advice and enjoy the music. I saw this guy get knocked the fuck out by a stagehand in Austin Tx. He thought his celebrity status at the time gave him the right to belittle his local crew. He caught a 2-piece to the head and fell before the 3rd piece got to him. I think the fact he's axl rosed the whole line up, people don't wanna see kris roe and a bunch of nobodies, they wanna see kris roe and the people he made so long astoria with at the very least


Just a Lilboy that's a pootshots
I was pootsie, wanna let loose
I was dreaming of beatwalking
Don't wanna leave my pootses behind
Not a yes sir, not a follower
Fit the thumb, fit the bump
Have a seat on the bench, take a Thumbbump
I was the thumb before the Thumbbumps

Thumbbumps, Thumbbumps
Thumbbumps, Thumb, Thumbbumps
Thumb-Thumb-Thumbbumps, Thumbbumps, Thumbbumps
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Thumbbumps, feel the Thumbbumps
Pootsie gets Thumbbumps
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Pootses Pootsing in my classes
While I was sneezesquooking the masses
Who do you think you are?
Dreaming 'bout being a poopwoods
You say you're basic, you say you're pootsish
You were squooksittinging in the back seat
Now I'm squookwalking on stage while
You were snoofing in the nose bleeds

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A potato flew around

Opening the show were Pains's old buddies Ablebody. They have toured with TPOBPAH before and They share a couple of band members . Other than their touring with Pains, Ablebody aren't really that well known outside he LA area. They have a similar sound to Pains but are more minimalist in the fact that they only have 3 members. Post punk veteran Frankie Rose was up next. You may remember her from her past bands such as Crystal Stilts. Dum Dum Girls and Beverly. She has been with her solo band for a while now. Frankie is touring for the first time in a while in support her upcoming album which I think is her first in about 3 or 4 years. The new songs sound deeper and darker than her past stuff but still have a liltiness to them. Lasting tonight were The Pain Of Being Pure At Heart aka Jay Reatard's favorite band (or maybe not). The Pains have been doing it for about 10 years. I'd say I definitely prefer their older stuff which has more shoegaze elements.

I wear corduroy pants, or something that could stretch to fit.

Tonight was a night of triply world music with Tinariwen & Dengue Fever. Dengue Fever opened. They are from Los Angeles but some of the members are of Cambodian decent. It shows in their music. Most of their songs are sung in Khmer so I had no idea what they were singing. The only song I understood was won about calling and checking email. It was quite appropriate to be seeing them on the night of the Cambodian new year. One of their guitarists was playing a guitar that had two necks one was traditional guitar and the other was of some Asian instrument. Tinariwen got on at exactly 8:00. Tinariwen originally formed in Libya in the 80's and then relocated to Mali. I won't go into their entire backstory. Let's just say they won a Grammy in 2012 which they did. The African style of rock they play comes off as psychedelic. I can clearly hear the influence of a band like Tinariwen in contemporary psych bands such as The Black Angels and BJM. I don't know if it's just that African music just sounds psychedelic or Tinariwen take influence from 60's psych bands. Throughout Tinariwen's performance the raised curtain seemed to be moving in hypnotic sync with their music. Their music is just so triply especially live and I can tell that the guys in the band do NOT take any drugs. This concert had one of the most diverse audiences I have ever seen which was great. I literally saw all races, all colors, all sexes. All creeds etc.

Stree You Big

Here are my favorite songs of 2016

(not in any order)
Weaves- One More
Thee Oh Sees- Gelatinous Cube
Sunflower Bean- Space Exploration Disaster
The Strokes- Threat Of Joy
School Of Seven Bells- Ablaze
The Raveonettes- This World Is Empty (Without You)
Porches- Car
Nothing- ACD (Abscessive Compulsive Disorder)
The Mystery Lights- Follow Me Home
Mitski- Your Best American Girl
Mardi Kings- Little Arthur
Magic Shoppe- Interstellar Car Crash
Lull- Nouvelle
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard- Gamma Knife
Holy Fuck- Tom Tom
Grimes- Medieval Warfare
GØGGS- She Got Harder
Elephant Stone- Manipulator
DMA's- Too Soon
Dinowalrus- Tides
Dead Leaf Echo- Child.Glass.Heart
David Bowie- Blackstar
Colleen Green- Between The Lines
Big Ups- National Parks
Bent Shapes- What We Do Is Public
The Avalanches- Colours
Wild Nothing- To Know You
TY Segall- Candy Sam
Sheer Mag- Can't Stop Fighting
The Stargazer Lilies- When With You
Scott & Charlene's Wedding- Don't Bother Me
Quilt- Roller
OJR- Numb
Night Beats- Right/Wrong
Mercury Girls- Ariana
Lisa Prank- Baby, Let Me Write Yr Lines
The Parrots- No Me Gustas, Te Quiero
DIIV- Dopamine
Danny Brown- When It Rain
Car Seat Headrest- Vincent
Black Mountain- Mothers Of The Sun
Lady Pills- Eat Them
LVL UP- Hidden Driver
Honeyblood- Super Rat
James Blake- I Need a Forest Fire (f. Bon Iver)
Savages- The Answer
Angel Olsen- Shut Up Kiss Me
The Kills- Heart of a Dog
Diarrhea Planet- Life Pass
Beach Slang- Atom Bomb
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Donald or may I call you rock

Porches/Japanese Breakfast/Rivergazer

Rivergazer took the stage and took a minute to make a few weird electronic noises before launching into some lo-fi electro R&B jams. Based on the band name alone I was expecting something a little louder and heavier. The band consists of two guys. One playing guitar or bass and the other with keyboards and synths. The keyboard/synth guy was the lead singer but the other guy would then come in with some nice harmonies. I just consulted them and it turns out that Kevin Ferrant the frontman of Rivergazer is also a member of Porches. They later brought out their friend Ricky to help them out with an auto tune free T-Pain cover. Kevin kept telling the crowd "y'all are hot and sexy as fuck". If the first band was Rivergazer then let's just says that the next band Japanese Breakfast can be called Lakegazers. They have more of a true dreampop sound. They stirred up quite the buzz touring with Mitski over the summer. Japanese Breakfast are led by spunky singer Michelle Zauner. When she's not strumming some mean riff she's bouncing around the stage trilling. As the songs went on the started to combine more of a 90s alt rock sound with the dream pop which I like. JB have a strong local connection in that Zauner is a graduate of Wellesley College. Japanese Breakfast played most if not all the songs on their album Psychopomp. One song they played that is not on their album was a cover of The Cranberries' Dreams. Their last song about being in love with a robot was a lot more synthy and electronic than any of their other songs. Aaron Maine and the rest of his Porches crew walked on stage to some song that kinda sounded like hipster Rihanna or something. Last year Porches played a Hassle show at the Elks Lodge with fellow faves Frankie Cosmos. Aaron even mentioned that one of the last times they played the Boston area was at this underground basement type venue. They are known for lo-fi post synth rock. If they added a few more synths they may just go totally v a p o r w a v e on your asses. One of the first things I noticed when I saw the stage were the vases full of flower bouquets. At one point Michelle of Japanese Breakfast gave a friend that she saw in the crowd a flower. Some funny moments for Porches were when one of the microphones got knocked down in the middle of a song and it made a funny sound. Also there was a cowboy hat on stage and members kept alternating wearing it throughout each song. As well as it taking a long time between two songs because Aaron didn't have a capo and needed one. To keep with the trend of every band doing a cover Porches covered a song by their friend and former tour mate Alex G.

And threw him on

The guitarchaeologists called Diarrhea Planet were back in town for their first show since their run of shows last November at Great Scott. Kicking thing off were the Salem Wolves out of Salem Ma of course. These guys were Rock n Roll Rumble semi finalists this past year. Jack, Isaac and Woodrow like to rock out and have fun doing it. They play with all smiles. These dudes pack a punch. Fellow Tennessee punxxx Western Medication brought the rock. Western Medication, or may I call them Western Meds? Ohh that’s Robert right? I donno whatever they are still Western Medication so lets just call them Western Meds to put the name to the face. Their songs ranged from punk to post punk to almost shoegaze dreampop. They could pretty much pull of any sub genre of rock. They introduced one song as Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root. I remember that song from the 90's. Although sometimes when I hear it I gotta remember that it isn't Talking Heads. I'd say that Western Meds take more influence from 80's and early 90's rock. Finally the stage was set for the guitarmy of guitartists know as Diarrhea Planet! They started with a few songs from their new album Turn To Gold such as Ain't a Sin to Win, Bob Dylan's Grandma and Life Pass. Somebody had a sign that said "4 guitars are not enough" and someone else yelled that Diarrhea Planet needs 8 bassists. At first I thought a large, black plastic garbage bag had gotten blown out of a high-floor window. As it fell, I could make out the windmilling arms and legs of many stagedivers and crowd surfers. Diarrhea Planet will do that to them. Afterwards some of the DP guys are heading to the Sinclair restaurant to spin some tunes.
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Letters for Pootses

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Yes response to doing Rewind.

It was a homecoming of sorts for everyone tonight. I guess except for Widowspeak who are from Brooklyn. Although the two coheadliners each played Boston Hassle sponsored shows last year. I'm sure Doug has as well, he's too good not to have. This whole lineup is just perfect for the chill vibes of the first Friday of summer. Doug Tuttle's newer stuff mixes 60's feel good hippie dippieness with a more garage rock sound reminding me a lot of White Fence (by the way today is Tim Presley's birthday). It was not the usual Gallagher, Tuttle, & Bond show tonight because Jesse is away on a yoga trip. So the had someone else on bass who filled in fine. The Tuttle trio finished with their chart topping smash from a couple years ago Turn This Love. Next up were dreamgazers Widowspeak. I'm surprised the term dreamgazer is not used more often. Last time they were here they played a church in JP. They have always seemed to fall in the shoegaze category but many of their songs almost have a country/folk feel to them. Lead singer Molly Hamilton coos like an evening dove. I have saved the morning dove comparison for Hope from Mazzy Star so Molly is the evening dove. This was Quilt's first time playing in the Boston area since their record release show back in February. Between a number of songs they talked about how the songs were written about places in the Boston area. For example their song Eliot St. is about the actual Eliot Street in the hear of JP. They also mentioned various studios and spaces around the area where they wrote and recorded their albums. Quilt are not an abrasive band at all. I think the whole family can enjoy them, even your grandma. There were even a few parents of band members in attendance. They perfect the fine line between psych rock and pop without being boring.

Doug Tuttle's setlist
A Place For You
It Calls On Me
Where You Plant Your Love... Is Where It Grows
Leave Your Body
Falling To Believe
Time Will Show
Turn This Love

Widowspeak's setlist
All Yours
Gun Shy
Ballad Of The Golden Hour
Coke Bottle Green
In The Pines
The Swamps
Harsh Realm

Quilt's setlist
Hissing My Plea
Mary Mountain
Eliot St.
Something There
Arctic Shark
Tie Up The Tides
Own Ways
Penobska Oakwalk
Cowboys In The Void
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